Become a Salut! Baroque Supporter
Donations are Tax Deductible

Salut! provides an opportunity for Australian musicians to pursue their passion for performing baroque music. We value your support through your subscription, concert attendance and continued interest. Planning and logistics for a concert is a complex process which begins eighteen months before a performance. You can help Salut! continue to present the Best of Baroque by making a fully tax deductible donation ($2 and over). Salut! receives no government grants or funding for this series. Your donation of:

  • $20 - 50 will contribute towards the purchase of music for a performance
  • $100 - 200 will contribute towards researching concert programs
  • $200 - 500 will contribute towards sponsoring a musician
  • $2,000 will contribute towards the cost of venue hire
    (costs up to $4,000 for each performance)
  • $5,000 will contribute towards the cost of recording a new CD
    (costs up to $30,000 for each CD)

Make a donation now to support Salut! in presenting the Best of Baroque performances and recordings.

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible as Salut! is listed on the Register of Cultural Organisations under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

All of Salut!'s Supporters will be proudly listed in our concert programs as recognition for the vital contribution they make to our ensemble.

To become a Salut! Supporter please contact us

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