“I will never allow myself to be persuaded, however, that Telemann and Handel have not made infinitely better overtures than Lully. You know yourself what a lazy writer and sluggish hero Lully was in learned and fugal music.” Letter from Quantz to Telemann, 1753

The rise of the music publishing industry and widespread travel ensured many musicians and composers not only knew each other but were vocal in their opinions and judgements of their peers. Thinly-veiled competition between composers jostling for top position formed “inner circles”, often sponsored by royalty who saw music as an extension of their power and outreach. Rival networks flourished, however genuine personal friendships also formed and it was not uncommon for a composition to be based on personal tragedy or death of a close friend. Join our 2018 concert series as we explore the impact of these far-reaching networks with their heady mix of competition, jealousy, influence, friendships, gossip and new discoveries which marked the dynamic period of baroque music.

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2018 Concert Series (click on concert title for further details)

Concert 1

"Pisendel & Friends"

Concert 2

"Avison's Essay"

Concert 3
"Corelli & Friends"
Concert 4

"Quantz & Friends"


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