2020 Concert Series: Celebrating 25 Years

Political, social and cultural upheaval defined the Baroque period. History remembers the famous but often erases the important contributions of those daring composers on the periphery. Our 2020 Concert Series celebrates the diversity and creativity of those who were unable to leave a personal legacy but whose evocative music survives. We salute the incredibly inventive Women of Note who embraced the freedom of musical composition, despite being destined to be rarely heard. We seek out the Moonlighters, talented and enthusiastic but without the connections to survive as composers. We sympathise with the Rebels who defied the status quo, risking isolation and even prison to push forbidden edges. We marvel at the multiculturalists who seized opportunities for exotic new styles of music, blending the unknown with the familiar into a Musical Mélange. These compositions were the building blocks, not just of baroque music, but all that followed. Join us as Salut! Baroque gives voice to their echoes from the past and celebrates the inspiration, boldness and lasting contribution of composers who were often sadly not acknowledged in their own era.

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2020 Concert Series (click on concert title for further details)

Concert 1


Concert 2

"Musical Mélange"

Concert 3
Concert 4

"Women of Note"


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