Baroque Emotions
Emotions were the catalyst for the transition from the Renaissance to Baroque periods, although it represented a meandering stream rather than a torrent of innovation. Central to music’s social and sacred functions was the Baroque musician – an all-round composer, performer and teacher. As composers became more sensitive to the wide spectrum of emotions that could be expressed by voice and instruments, a new momentum emerged. Monteverdi was one of the first to imitate human emotions such as grief and passion and, in the early 1600s, he began developing his own emotional musical language: “… since I could not find an example for an impassioned mental state in the music of earlier composers ... I began with all my energy to search for a passionate form of expression ...”. If music was ‘reborn’ in the Renaissance, then it was ‘reimagined’ in the Baroque. Join us in 2019 as we present the composers who dared to explore the musical edges of emotional expression.


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2019 Concert Series (click on concert title for further details)

Concert 1

"Melancholy & Mirth"

Concert 2

"Torment & Tranquillity"

Concert 3
"Love & Grief"
Concert 4

"War & Peace"


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