Origins and Explorations

The Baroque period was a time of great scholarship and experimentation, which led to the glorious music that we continue to relish! A musical composition was a blend of the exchanges of ideas, from musician to musician and composer to composer, which became commonplace throughout this period. Letter-writing abounded with musical dilettantes keenly putting forward their personal views on how one should write a sonata or an opera. Our 2017 series explores the relationships which wove the fabric of baroque music and the way in which each new discovery built on the work of others and laid the foundation for the next development. Following on from the Renaissance, which was more constrained and rule-enforced, the Baroque quickly became the age in which instruments flourished, in harmony with or without voices. As such, instruments were encouraged to develop their own ‘voices’, resulting in musical possibilities that were thought of as daring and even impertinent!


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2017 Concert Series (click on concert title for further details)

Concert 1

"Musical Letters"

Concert 2

"Performance Practice"

Concert 3
Concert 4

"Sons & Brothers"


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