Concert 2:
Torment & Tranquility

CANBERRA: Friday 24 May 2019, 7.30pm
Albert Hall, Commonwealth Ave

SYDNEY: Sunday 26 May 2019, 3.00pm
Verbrugghen Hall, Conservatorium of Music


Anger, ardour, vengeance, rage, fury, and all other such violent affections, are actually far better at making available all sorts of musical inventions than the gentle and pleasant passions...” Johann Mattheson (1739)
For a composer’s creative mindset to inspire, a true master must craft emotional experiences into music using tools such as chromaticism, unresolved dissonances and choice of key to express the mood of the music. Christian Schubart's seminal work, Ideas towards an Aesthetic of Music (1806), established that specific characteristics of each key signature determine the emotion of the music. Thus, a piece composed in F major, for example, produces “complaisance and calm”, whereas the idiosyncrasies of F minor are “deep depression, funereal lament, groans of misery and longing for the grave”.

Heinrich Biber - Sonata I in B minor
Geminiano Giacomelli - Aria Sposa, non mi conosci
WF Bach - Sinfonia in D minor, F.65
GF Handel - Aria Se pietà di me non senti
Antonio Sartorio - Aria Quando voglio
Marin Marais - Marche pour les Matelots & Airs des Matelots
Jean-Féry Rebel - Le Cahos
Pierre Gillier - Sombres deserts
GP Telemann - Sonata à 6 in F minor TWV 44:32
Claudio Monteverdi - Aria Si dolce è `l tormento
Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto in G minor Op. 10 No. 2

Amy Moore, Soprano
Sally Melhuish, Recorder
Hans-Dieter Michatz, Recorder
Matthew Greco, Baroque Violin
Julia Russoniello, Baroque Violin
David Rabinovici, Baroque Viola
Thea Turnbull, Baroque Viola
Tim Blomfield, Bass Violin
Monika Kornel, Harpsichord


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