CD - "Food of Love"

Music by Purcell and his Contemporaries

Christopher Field - Counter Tenor
Sally Melhuish - Recorder
Hans-Dieter Michatz - Recorder
Tim Blomfield - Baroque Cello/Bass Violin
Rosalind Halton - Harpsichord/Organ


“…a disc designed to delight any lover of early music .”
(The Canberra Times)

Henry Purcell - “If Music be the Food of Love
William Corbett - Sonata No. 4 in C major
Henry Purcell - “One Charming Night
Robert Valentine - Chaconne in F major
Henry Purcell - “See how the glitt'ring ruler of the day
Raphael Courteville - Sonata No. 2 in C minor
Robert Valentine - Sonata in C minor
Henry Purcell - “Incassum, Lesbia
John Roberts - Ayre and Coranto in G major
Henry Purcell - “Two in one upon a Ground
Henry Purcell - “Music for a While
William Croft - Sonata No. 3 in G minor
William Williams - Sonata in A minor
Pelham Humfrey - “A Hymn to God the Father
Daniel Purcell - Sonata in D minor
Henry Purcell - “Strike the Viol

PRICE: $26

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